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Maybe you guys already know about it, but I just found, and cannot recommend too highly, for film of blues, gospel country etc. 30 minutes of Peg Leg Sam!!!!! :D :D :D


Sorry! :-[ :-[


Hi Phil,
I don't know if the film I saw is the same one you are speaking of, but if so, it is sensational.? Peg Leg Sam is in such rough shape physically, he looks like he stuck his face under a lawn mower, but he is in such great spirits and is so acute mentally.? I remember him doing a long and involved comic story set-piece from his medicine show days and just nailing it.? This, in addition to his sleight of hand, playing the harmonica with his nose a la Noah Lewis, etc., is incredibly entertaining and uplifting.
All best,

Max Ruiz:
I?m just watching The Land Where the Blues Begun and it's great. i didn?t know the site. Thanks a lot Phil!


I didn't know peg leg sam but they used the opening sequence in the movie Am?lie

and i always thought it was a really special moment of that great movie.


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