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Jake Xerxes Fussell


David Kaatz:
Hey fellow Weenies, have any of you heard of this man? I just listened to an interview with him,
Quite an interesting background, parents are folklorists, he knew both Precious Bryan and Les Blank well. 
He has a lovely, relaxed performance delivery. A bunch of YouTube videos are available as well.


I have, Dave, but I can't remember exactly when and where. I think it may have been on one of the KBCS shows a while ago. I liked what I heard and did some searching for more info. In addition to the YT videos, he has a Bandcamp page where you can sample songs and read  further about Jake and the songs, etc.

David Kaatz:
Thanks Stuart. I might have fixed it.

Parlor Picker:
I bought his latest LP "Out of Sight" having heard him on the radio and it's great. I see he's about to go on tour with Joan Shelley, doing a support slot and then switching to bass in her band.

I also discovered he played a gig a couple of years ago several miles from my home here in the UK. Wish I'd seen him.

Thanks guys, I enjoyed exploring. I found it very relaxing, human and optimistic. Personally I benefit from medicine like that on a daily basis at present.


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