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Sweet Bone Willie:
Can anyone help me out with the second verse to this song?  It starts out:  The wind in Chicago winter and fall, is what caused me to wear my overalls.  Got broke was my fault, been used to eating porkchops meat and salt.

After that I'm not entirely sure what he is singing.  The recording I heard had only two verses.  Is there another version with more than two verses?  Thanks.

Prof Scratchy:
Try this....not sure about verse 3, line 2???
Prof S

I met a girl at the the cabaret/ Said 'Pretty Papa, I'm goin' your way'
Her man know what it all about/ Waiting home just to throw me out

Broke my nose, split my chin/ Don't let me catch you  here again
Whipped me from the kitchen back to the door/ Beat me with the chair till my head got sore

That'll never happen no more x2

Was in Chicago Winter and Fall/ Caused me to wear my overalls
Got broke, it wasn't my fault/ Used to eatin' porkchops and leavin' the salt

I met a woman with a beckoning smile/ big fat mouth , neat parloured hair
She pulled a  gun and kicked my door/ Didn't even holler and I didn't get sore

Chorus x2 to end...

From memory, so a couple of words might be off, the second verse is:

Wind in Chicago winter and fall
Caused me to wear my overalls
Got broke, it was my fault
Used to eatin' pork chops, and leavin' (the) salt.

Met a woman in a big mink fur,
Big fatmouth me followed her
(She) pulled a gun, took all my dough,
Didn't leave me hard up, I didn't get sore

Dave van Ronk sang a third verse about smoking pot at a party; I'm sure there are other third verses out there.

Sweet Bone Willie:
Thanks for the help fellas, this really helps me out!


I hear an almost identical first verse to the Prof. However the second sung verse I hear:

Weather in Chicago, winter and fall
(??) me caused me to wear my overalls
Got broke was my fault
I's used to eatin' porkchops 'n meat 'n salt.
I met a woman with a big mink fur
Big fat mouthed me followed her
She pulled a gun, took my dough (??)
Didn't even hollar and I didn't get sore
That'll never happen no more, That'll never happen no more



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