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Hello everyone. I'm new here although over the years I've referenced weeniecampbell many times for lyrics, etc. I've been playing guitar for about fifty-five years, about the last forty-five or so almost exclusively country blues. I was lucky enough when I first got into the genre when I was a lot younger to be able to find, meet and learn from some of the original old-school blues-guys when they were still alive. Over the years I've gigged a bit, taught a bit and tabbed quite a few pre-war blues tunes for others, trying to "pass it on." Not as young as I used to be, but I still play out a little (until the Covid-thing), like open-mics, fund-raisers, etc.

Anyway, hello!

Welcome Dadfad!  Glad you joined us.


Old-Time Igor:

New member here!I've been reading this forum long time as a guest and i've learned so much from all of you how are shared your knowledge here. Thanks to you all!
 My name real name is Iiro and i live in Helsinki, Finland. I've been playing guitar about 3 years... I started to play bass guitar when i was 14 (i'm 47 now!) in year 1987. As a bass player i played many bands and many styles of music, from punk to funk and i even played some west-african music few years. About 15 years ago i tried to learn some guitar, at that time i was into Snooks Eaglin's New Orleans Street Singer album and then i found John Fahey's music. I bought Stefan Grossmann's "Music of Mississippi John Hurt"- book and tried to learn to fingerpick guitar, but it just didn't work. I learned to play John Fahey's "Some summer day", but that was about all...Soon after that i went to musical shop to buy my then 3 years old daughter a birthday precent. I bought her cheap ukulele and i was totally hooked by that little instrument myself! So next 10 or 12 years i played ukulele and mandolin and later steel guitar and tenor banjo. Three years ago started to learn to play guitar again and this time with better results. I hope!? :)

Here's the link for my playing (i'll ad more songs to this play list when i have time to record more...)

..and here's link for the playlist that precents my old stuff..if some of you are intrested...

Cheers, Igor

Welcome to Weenie Campbell, Igor!
All best,


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