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Author Topic: Vintage Guitar Demonstration/Concert. Boston area, Friday Nov 4  (Read 401 times)

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Vintage Guitar Demonstration/Concert. Boston area, Friday Nov 4
« on: October 30, 2011, 03:22:06 PM »

Friday November 4: Celebrating Vintage Guitars; Demonstration Concert with Lauren Sheehan and Robert Corwin
at The NEFMA Gallery - 191 Highland Ave. Somerville MA (Arts at the Armory Basement Level)
7:30pm - Admission "pick your price" suggested donation $15 reserve your seat now

Robert Corwin, best known for his 60's era photos of Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary and Joni Mitchell will show a selection from his world class collection of Martin and Gibson guitars, and also return to his 1960's roots as a performer and songwriting protege of Peter, Paul & Mary. Joining him will be his talented friend, singer and expert blues guitarist Lauren Sheehan, to demonstrate what the various guitars can do with different musical styles and playing techniques. Robert will also bring a selection of his trademark, world famous photos to illustrate some of the beautiful details and features of the guitars in his collection. Be prepared to be educated and entertained.

Selecting Vintage Martins and Gibsons for a Boston Show and Tell!
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(10/29/11 7:45 PM)
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I thought I'd ask you, my forum friends, for a bit of advice.

I'm preparing for a vintage guitar show-and-tell in Sommerville, MA next week for the New England Folk Music Archives.

I'll be bringing a selection of my favorite vintage Martins and Gibsons to show and demonstrate.

My friend Lauren Sheehan, who's a great acoustic blues singer and picker, will be flying in from Portland, Oregon to help me demonstrate what the different guitars sound like with different styles of music. It will be the first real performing gig I've done in decades! I'm deciding now what guitars to travel with, and seeing if I can remember any songs!

So I thought I'd ask my fellow vintage fanatics here for your input on what guitars to bring. Naturally, there's a limit to how many guitars I can travel with.

I'd love to bring enough of the early guitars to show off the different models and their details and features, and explain how they evolved from the 1830's to the post war years.

And I'd love to bring enough examples of different vintage models so we can do meaningful comparisons of how they sound with different styles of music. Perhaps I can do video of the evening, so even if you won't be in the area to join us, I'll have video to show you.

This could be an opportunity to demonstrate the differences between early fan bracing and early X bracing, a single 0 and a 000, a 12 fret 000-28 and early 14 fret OM-28, to see how flatpicking sounds on a small body compared to a Dreadnaught, rosewood vs. mahogany, mahogany vs. koa, and a hog top vs. spruce top. To see if a pearl inlay guitar sounds different than a 28. We could compare Martins vs. Gibsons, for fingerpicking or flatpicking, and see how small Gibsons compare to large ones.

When I was young, I was a snob in deciding that a Martin had a "better" quality of sound than a Gibson, while at the same time I was frustrated that my Martin couldn't make some of the great sounds I heard on records. Most folks have never had a chance to hear how the best Martins compare to equivalent Gibsons for a given type of music, and decide for yourselves what the strengths of each are.

Perhaps I'm trying to chew off too much. I'd love to hear what's of interest to you, and what vintage Martins and Gibsons you'd like to see and hear. You can see the guitars I have to choose from on my web site.

I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of you as you've passed through Philadelphia and paid a visit. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to bring a bunch of us together in the Boston area and to meet more of you.



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Re: Vintage Guitar Demonstration/Concert. Boston area, Friday Nov 4
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2011, 02:58:37 PM »
I really do like the sound of that, love to see it. Maybe we could a similar thing over here somewhere, but naturally we would have to include ancient Nationals as well  :D
(That's enough of that. Ed)


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