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Great, Tom. Have fun. Like UB said, post your set list. We need more CB players puttin' it out there.
All for now.
John C.

Thanks, folks.  You all are a big part of the inspiration for the effort. 

As for a potential set list, I've got one that's really, too long at the moment, but I want to have more, rather than less, available to me to fill the three hours over the two days.  What a fun challenge have!

UB: haven't yet been able to beg, borrow or steal a recording device high-tech enough to interface with a computer, but my efforts are ongoing.

frankie: Indeed it was Adam's.  I told him about a Replicon nearby, and he fell in love with it and decided to let go of the EN and move up in the world of Nationals, which allowed me to grab the EN and enter that world for the first time.  Hearing your Delphi at Clifftop is what planted that particular seed in me.  I'm having fun trying to figure what gets played on the EN, and what gets played on the trusty 00-18.  It's great to have more colors on the palette.


Best of luck with your sets, Tom, and I really like the variety of sources you plan to touch on in your shows.  I'll just echo everyone else in requesting a final set list.  It'll be neat to see what you end up settling on.
All best,

Here's what I played, as best I can reconstruct it, and some quick reactive thoughts.? The order may be off, especially in the middle, but I don't think I've left anything off.? Unless otherwise indicated, I used my battered 00-18.

Great Dream from Heaven (drop D)
Fishin' Blues (Nat'l, drop D)
Hesitation Blues
Ditty Wah Ditty (Nat'l)
True Religion (capo III)
Rove, Riley, Rove (banjo, double C tuning)
Winin' Boy
Cowgirl in the Sand
Blue Coat Blues (Nat'l)
Kokomo Blues (Nat'l, Spanish, capo II)
Come on in my kitchen (Nat'l, Spanish, slide)
Candy Man (banjo, double C)
Nobody's fault but mine (Nat'l, vastapol, slide)
Cross that river of Jordan (Nat'l, vastapol. slide)
Vigilante man (Nat'l, vastapol. slide)
Death don't have no mercy
Police dog blues (Nat'l, vastapol)
Black-eyed susie (banjo, double C)
Delia (Nat'l, drop D)
Great Dream from Heaven (again, drop D)
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer (Nat'l, drop D)

As you can see, I strayed from prewar CBs.?

Good set-up: in the student union at lunch hour, on a stage with good acoustics (no amplification), and people eating lunch and in and out.? About the right amount of "attention" for my comfort level right now.

First lesson: don't start with a complicated fingerpicking number.? I've been playing "GDFH" so long I thought I could play it in my sleep and thus while nervous; I was wrong.? Next time (on Wednesday), I think I'll start by flatpicking a NC Ramblers-style "If I lose, let me lose."

As I look back, I know that I played for a bit longer than 90 minutes, without a break (except to change tunings, etc), but I see I covered 21 numbers ("only" 21 numbers?).? Hmm.? Does that signify anything. (I'm new to this.)?

I did enjoy stretching some of them out. Hesitation Blues pretty much got me over the nerves and into the groove, so I kept it going.? And at the end, I was having too much fun with Delia to let it go too soon.

More later, gotta put some kids to bed.

(edited to add notes on tunings, capo & slide)

Looks like a great set to me Tom, lot's of variety - you're a veritable juke box.... and 90 minutes non stop is impressive!



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