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Papa Charlie Jackson collection question


Jumpin Jimmy:
Hi gang,

I've noticed there are several "complete" Charlie Jackson collections.  If you could only afford one such collection, which would it be and why?

Thanks a million,


The three available alternatives should be the JSP 4-CD set with complete Papa Charlie Jackson and Bo Weavil Jackson, the Acrobat 3-CD set from 2019, and the Document Records volumes 1-3. With the JSP set you get liner notes from Max Haynes included so that might the best value.

All sets are priced roughly the same and should cover your needs if you choose either one. The song listings for the sets are here:

Jumpin Jimmy:
Thanks, jostber. Do you have opinions as to relative sound quality, liner notes,etc.?  I'm aware of the "if it doesn't sound like it's been buried in a sandbox it ain't authentic sounding" controversy, but I do like recordings that are clear enough to hear much of the artistry that went into them originally.

Due to more recent releases the JSP and Acrobat sets would have the more clearer sound. Max Haynes is a very knowledgable writer on the early blues so that is a clear plus. The Acrobat sets usually also have good liner notes.

For the best sound you will find for these recordings is in the selections from the Blues Calendars (listed in the Wirz discography. Calendar CDs can be bought independently as well). These are transferred from original masters by the best sound technicians. The Black Swan compilations also use original masters and have fine sound. Yazoo releases are also a good bet for thorough sound transfers.

Jumpin Jimmy:
Thanks again.  Charlie Jackson was amazingly talented. His playing is usually flawless.


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