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Adding to Guitar keys and positions

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Richard, I set up a basic page. Check your weekendblues inbox.

Cool.  Might I suggest a tunings column which we might edit as we figure out songs?  The header would be just Tuning, I guess, and the entries would be "High G", "High G at Gb", etc.

uncle bud:
Might I also suggest title case for the song titles. Sorry, pet peeve.

Oh ya, how ironic, it hadn't occurred to me! See Richard's post about use of lower case in the sticky thread on the lyrics board!

Richard, are you trying to be cool? Just askin'....  :P

Well, in case you haven't guessed you could well have struck a chord here! I abhor all that lower case stuff and whilst I'm at it I might as well add text message speak to that as well  >:(


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