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UB I think this one could be for you!

I have compiled a list of the songs and keys of Casey Bill Weldon's recordings (3 CDs worth and checked by our very own dj) and am happy to put them on WP but am unsure as to go about it in view of the fact the existing pages are so well done  As it seems sensible to keep it in the same style, I suppose if you could let me have template I could fill it in and do it that way, or what do you suggest?

uncle bud:
Oh great, now I have to remember how to do it.  :P

First things first. Do you know how to create an html table? I don't use a template really, aside from some html code that calls the table class format and a Weenie css tag at the top of the Weeniepedia document. I just build an html table. So we can start with you letting me know if you know how to do that.

Happy to help if you send me the list --- it's way easier if it's in an Excel spreadsheet BTW, you can automate the creation of the HTML table formatting. Cool, Casey Bill keys! I was thinking about that today.

Thanks to you both.

Rivers if I may take your suggestion up and send it that will save me relearning http again!

Do you want to pm me with an email address and I can send the Excel file.

uncle bud:
Happy to let Rivers help since I wouldn't get to it for weeks! Thanks Riv.


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