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Beginning Wiki Editor Shortcuts, Tips and Suggestions


If you come across a shortcut, tip or suggestion that might be helpful for other Weenie Wiki editors - post them here!   Here are a few I've found or come across.

* There is a nice YouTube introductory video entitled "Wikis in Plain English" that gives a basic overview of what a wiki is.  I've also included it on the Main Page of Weeniepedia. 

* The Wiki editor includes BBC (Bulletin Board Code) buttons at the top of the editing page, very much like the Forum's  BBC buttons.  These buttons provide easy ways to format text (bold, Italics, Font size etc) in the editing windows.

* The wiki editor will also accept many html codes (for formatting a variety of things) as well as the Wiki's own set of codes for editing pages.  Part of the learning curve for creating a page (or an article in wiki speak) is to learn a basic set of codes in order to understand what a previous editor is doing in a page, or to create a new page of your own.  The Wiki's Help system has some good tutorials on Creating Pages, Editing and Advanced Editing.

*  If you've got a Wiki project in mind, post your idea on this board.  That will help us avoid duplication of effort and may give you some good feedback on how to proceed or improve the project.


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