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big joe weems:
What’s your favorite brand and model of capo?

Parlor Picker:
No matter what the manufacturers say, it appears to me that all capos throw the guitar out of tune to a certain extent. Having tried a G7 Nashville for a while, I went back to the tried and tested Shubb. Others might be better, but I don't feel inclined to experiment. I've heard that Kyser is a good brand, but have no personal experience. I look forward to hearing other people's views.

Shubb, industry standard. Nice and light, reliable, just works.

I use a bunch of different brands, paige, schubb and kyser. Paige makes one that is deep enough to work on my squareneck modified for regular playing. I veer towards the paige on my ladderbraced parlors, they seem to suit the flat fretboards, Schubb makes a variety of curves and also sells spare rubber parts in case they wear out- I rotate mine.

Shubb does make a flat fretboard capo as well, sold for "Classical" and it has plenty of length for an old Stella. Even a twelve string, I can attest. I have a Shubb for every guitar so that I can keep them preset for performance. The tension adjustment, needed as you move up the neck, comes easily to hand.



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