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I just thought that folks might list what guitars they have out and are playing in these times.

I'll start. In my livingroom I have out at the present:

1) refinished (red) early 30's parlor with cream MTS pickguard
2) 1933 Gibson L-00. black with firestripe pickguard
3) 2013 Gibson Keb Mo model
4) 2014 Martin 00-28 custom shop
5) 30's Style 1 May Bell labled American Conservatory of Music Inc.
6) late 30's Regal mini-jumbo. Body sort of like a Kalamazoo KG-11 with thicker body.


Blues Vintage:
Can I list electric guitars and pianos too?

1. Martin OM-18
2. Epiphone Dot
3. Epiphone Les Paul
4. Yamaha Upright Piano
5  Roland HP-605 Digital Piano

Martin 00-28 2020. Purchased just before all the music stores shut down.

Currently playing a 1978 Fannin D-18 copy, a 20 some year old Epiphone (El cheapo), and a borrowed Skylark electric.

Norfolk Slim:
Mostly been my Regal Le Domino, an OS Stella, and my Tonk Bros.


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