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Remastered Blue Horizon session. Furry Lewis second artist on the album.  If anyone knows what "get funny" means I'd like to know...

Joe 's Troubled Blues

Dough Roller Blues

Poor Boy Blues

You Don't Know My Mind

Worried in a Tennessee Town

Hi Harriet,

I think he is communicating to the second guitarist that he is going to do something different than the vocal backing, i.e. solo. He also encourages the guitarist to play a certain lick it seems? I'm not sure who is playing what.

I have heard the expression "get funny" meaning alter one's consciousness, with alcohol, weed, cocaine or whatever. As in, "Lets get funny and dance." I don't think this is what he means, but the derivation could be, similarly, to alter the musical perspective, in a way.


Can you tell me what the upper skull of a hippopotamus is doing on a Mississippi blues cover?

At least, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.


Suddenly it's looking like a deer? I don't know? My mind just assumed it was a gator until I looked close.


I listened several times and that's what it appears to mean, "do something different," as Wax says.

I tried doing a search--advanced, books, etymology, etc., but no dice there--9.7 million initial hits and counting.


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