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The Guitar Stylists--G Position, standard tuning

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Hi rein,
It's a little difficult to accord someone status as a stylist in a playing position that none of us have every heard that person play in, nor ever will. I suppose we could take David Evans' word for it, but it's possible our own assessments would differ from his if we were ever to hear Rube Lacy play anything in G position in standard tuning. Even if Charlie McCoy played licks also played by Lacy, there's no proof that McCoy learned those licks from Lacy--there could have been a completely different unknown source, or McCoy could have arrived at the same ideas on his own. I don't think Lacy belongs in this category, since we can't hear anything that he played in G position in standard tuning.
All best,

Old Man Ned:
Richard 'Hacksaw' Harney, I'm particularly thinking of his playing of Ragtime Blues from the 'Sweet Man' album.

Forgetful Jones:
I just listened to Mance Lipscomb playing Ain't You Sorry out of G position. He's got some other gems in G too, but this one alone would qualify him for this list, in my opinion. What a player!


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