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"Every Day Seem Like Murder Here--Hayes McMullan"--It's out!

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Waiting for mine as well! Looking forward to it!

There?s a lot here for folks that love Mississippi Blues.  Hayes is a fine player in the Delta tradition, definitely no mere imitator.  Just for example, Look-a Here Woman is a Delta classic in Spanish tuning, reminiscent of Tommy Johnson?s Canned Heat Blues, but with plenty of original guitar ideas and really powerful singing.  There are also tunes in Cross-Note, and A, E and G Standard tuning.  For blues history buffs, there are Gayle Dean Wardlow?s interviews with Mr. McMullan, who knew and played with Charley Patton.  Gayle is a masterful storyteller and the conversations included on the CD give new insight into the world of Charley Patton?s Delta.  The CD package also includes notes and great photos by Gayle, and detailed analysis of the tunes for guitar players by this forum?s John Miller.  My favorite aspect of this CD is hearing Hayes? voice.  It?s deep, and powerful with a great range of tone and expression.  Great stuff, the best I?ve heard in a while.  You should get it.

I received my copy last week and I second everything eric said. Great stuff. Get it.

Old Man Ned:
My copy arrived last week and it is a wonderful record.  I'm amazed how these recordings came about... following a chance meeting.  How lucky was that. 

Ned -

          Serendipity was always a factor back in the day - as with comedy, good timing is important at all times in the research. I try not to get too hung up on those I "missed" in my decade in the field and later on. That leads to insanity! Gayle can probably support me on that!!



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