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"Every Day Seem Like Murder Here--Hayes McMullan"--It's out!

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I knew you all would know about this gem.  I found it while rummaging through the best local CD/LP shop in town while my wife went to yoga next door.  This shop has had a good to very good blues section forever and when this gem popped up I had a flash back to fifty years ago when I'd find a recording by an artist that looked interesting but I had personally never heard.  What a gem of a recording and what man Mr McMullan must have been.  His singing and his guitar playing are magnificent.  What a treasure and to feel that excitement about a purchase again was timeless.


--- Quote from: Norfolk Slim on May 08, 2017, 12:34:10 PM ---Also a shame that Light in the Attic don't appear to do higher quality electronic copies (FLAC etc) rather than just MP3s.  I'm not really a chronic audiophile but...

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Looks like you might be able to buy it in FLAC from their Bandcamp page:

I just found this CD in my local store and the thrill of finding an artist recorded just after my high school days when I was playing blues and living life with a zeal that is hard to find today.  What a thrill to find this fine recording by this strong artist.  He reminds me of old recordings I will now dig out and more importantly he reminds me of some fine folks I heard, and played with over the years and miss today.  What a gift this CD is at a very personal level.

Forgetful Jones:
Hello all-
I was a few years behind on this one, but I finally took the time to listen to this album. For any other stragglers out there... this is a must listen.
I agree with all the superlatives of previous posts. The voice, the playing, the recordings are outstanding.
Interesting & unexpected song arrangements throughout. There are moments that sound both familiar yet fresh at the same time.

Hurry Sundown & Goin' Away Mama are instant favorites

I streamed the album, so now I'll probably have to find a hard copy for those liner notes.


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