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Based on the response to last year's effort, the collective weenieverse has decided to have a second go at the "Song Of The Month." On the last Friday of the month, a volunteer will post a CB-related song, essentially with a view towards getting weeniedom interested in listening to it and perhaps playing it, if you don't already.

Here's the schedule:
weekparticipant (future) / topic (past)29-JanRed River Blues26-FebGround Hog Blues25-MarSloppy Drunk29-AprBuck Dance27-MayGallows Pole24-JunSalty Dog29-JulTippin' Out/Ha-Ha Blues26-AugDupree Blues30-SepCorinne, Corinna28-OctYou Got To Move25-NovTrouble In Mind30-DecStack O' Lee
If you'd like to contribute, just drop me a PM or respond to this thread and we'll get you a date.

Formatting your SOTM post:

1) start a new thread in the Back Porch

2) title the new thread using the following format:

SOTM <date>: <topic>

The <date> is the date you were assigned and <topic> is whatever you decide to post as your topic.

Try to post no earlier than the Monday of the week you were assigned and no later than the date itself. There's no actual penalty for early or late posting - we're just trying to keep a little  momentum.

Content and expectations:

Topics are neither pre-assigned nor approved. In general, anything you find interesting enough to write about will probably be interesting to read, think about and play. If you want to ensure that your topic will not be taken by someone else, feel free to contact the other participants to coordinate.

You might want to consider having a 'backup topic,' just in case. If you need ideas for a topic or help with content in any way, feel free to reach out to me.

Attachments and links:

When creating a post, you'll notice a link for "Attachments and other options" below the editing window. After you click on it, you'll see a browse button and from there, you can attach an MP3 or other file for your topic. The limit for the attachment size is just about 1MB, so compress aggressively when posting audio.

A word of caution: SAVE your text in notepad or some other text processor before attaching audio if you're not 100% positive of the attachment file size. If your file is too big and you try to submit the post, the forum software will HAPPILY tell you the attachment was too big, the post will fail and you will lose ALL of your text. You have been warned. CTRL + C is your friend.

Attachments will not show up in the post until published. Previewing the post will not show the attachment.

Youtube links:

Always use the link that youtube formats from the "Share" tab on the video page.

When previewing the post, you'll just see the link text rather than the video. This is normal - the video should display as embedded once you post. If it doesn't pan out as you expected, ask for help.

That's it!

You'll note that we're starting fairly aggressively at the end of January. That's because we're weenies, and that's how we roll. You have my complete confidence that we'll have a volunteer for 29-Jan and the content will be amazing.

Don't feel like you have to take the January spot - take any date you want...  I have a backup topic for January if nobody steps up.

Hi Frank,
I could do the January date.  I had one more or less thought out for late in 2015.
All best,

You're in, John - thanks!


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