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Your main guitar(s)?

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I'm curious to hear the make/model of guitars that Weenies play.

My main squeeze is a Martin 00-18CTN (Libba Cotten model) -- a short-scale, 00-size, 14-fret, mahogany/sitka beauty. I love this guitar, and it's perfect for fingerstyle folk/blues. I'm thinking of eventually getting a wood body National resonator, such as the Estralita, but for now I am quite content with Libba.

And yours?

Okay... here goes: National M2 with Highlander, '36 National Trojan, Lowden O35C with Highlander, 50's National Reso-phonic, 50's Kay K-161 Thin Twin, 50's Silvertone Dano U2, Les Paul Spcial Jr (P90s), a couple old Oahu squre necks, Goldtone Banjitar, '52 Fender Princeton, '58 Gibson GA-5 Skylark, & a THD Bilvalve.

On top of that, I'm pretty happy with this current line up. I can get most of the tones I want. Still waiting to see if National Resophonic puts out a wood bodied tricone! I might have to have one of those!? ?:D

Can't compete with that dream list as I just have one of any real consequence - a '73  OMI roundneck Dobro.

Martin 000-16 1995 gets the most playing time, followed by a Gibson ES-125 jazz archtop 1948/9

Dobro Duolian Hula Blues squareneck 90s
Mattsen local built roundneck single cone reso

GAS-ing for a Martin HD-28VS and / or Gibson flattop of any description

A 2003 Dodson  :P 


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