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Old Man Ned:
Hi All,

I need some help finding a thumb pick. I've recently had an accident where I've sliced off the tip of my right hand thumb. This is going to take some months to heal and has left me unable to play the guitar as I normally do ie just using my fingers and thumb without any picks etc. To be able to play I'll need to use a thumb pick at the base of my right thumb but am having trouble finding anything that's big enough.

I've just picked up a Dunlop large thumb pick which feels like it's cutting off the blood supply to my thumb! Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

All the best,

Try heating it up with hot water to soften and enlarge.

This thumb-pick was recommended to me by both John Cephas and Del Rey, one year up at PT. They praised the tone primarily, but also the firmness of the grip. They were the first thumb-pick I was able to use straight out of the box, which  required no heat fitting or sanding. I buy a dozen about every 5-7 years I'd guess.


I have no experience with these but I wanted to to make you aware that Dunlop makes extra large in case you are interested.


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$35 for a thumbpick wax? Seems a bit OTT to me.


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