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Author Topic: Any suggestions for Bukka White's Give me an old, old lady and/or Old man Tom,  (Read 1083 times)

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Any hints for Give me an old old lady, Old man Tom or School Learning I have Memphis Hot shot cd, cover looks like see bottom of post

Knowing Bukka is pretty tough to figure out, but does any one have any suggestions where to begin or tips on playing. How bout what tuning to start with would be awesome. Big fan, but struggling!!

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From a quick listen, Old Lady is in standard tuning, key of E. The lick he plays at the beginning is mostly going from the first to second fret of the fourth string.

Old Man Tom is in open E minor tuning. The main lick is going from the second fret of the third string to a hammered-on first fret of the third string. If you watch videos of Booker on YouTube you will see many performances where he plays in open E minor, like Aberdeen Blues, World Boogie, etc., which should give you the general idea.

Good luck!

Offline GavinG

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  • Only one missing is a National Style O....someday!
Thanks, I'll give it a whirl this weekend.


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