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Author Topic: The Guitar Stylists--Vestapol Tuning  (Read 1137 times)

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Re: The Guitar Stylists--Vestapol Tuning
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2024, 08:43:43 AM »
Hi all,
Willie Flowers was recorded by the Library of Congress in Florida, accompanying harmonica players Booker T. Sapps and Roger Matthews on five or six songs. He played all of them in Vestapol, both with a slide and without, and was pretty spectacular. Dennis McMillon had only one title in Vestapol, "Woke Up This Morning", but it's one of my favorite tracks in that tuning.
All best,

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Re: The Guitar Stylists--Vestapol Tuning
« Reply #16 on: February 27, 2024, 03:11:56 PM »
Really great, John!  What a sound he gets.

Libba Cotten also played in Vestapol.

Jody Williams, who tuned in open E, told a great story about riffing on B.B. King licks in a studio where some guy kept watching him intently.  Wanting to protect his stolen style from being purloined, Williams kept turning his guitar away from the guy.  Then Howlin' Wolf introduced them. The guy was B.B., trying to figure out Williams' tuning.
ok then:


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