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Introducing Weenie Wear!

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Ho boy,

Whadideyeditelya?  Great again, Slack!

Me too,

Woo-Hoo got my Weenie "Super Electrical" hooded sweatshirt today. Looks good.
52 hours design to doorstep, good choice of vendors Mister Slack!

Hi Gary!

Dang!  That was quick!  I'm still waiting on my 2 T-shirts and Cap!

(glad to hear the stuff looks good - I think cafepress does a very good job and what a business to run - one off manufacturing!)

Thanks for the report!

Ow!  Just got my cap, t-shirt and mug - extreme!  Hugely convenient, and nice and clean work.

The mug design, in particular, is great - the text might do with higher resolution - seems a bit fuzzy on mine.  Nothing that a bit of rum won't take care of, though!

If there's a better quote generator, I dunno where it is...

Good job,

Norfolk Slim:
Got my mug and baseball shirt today.  Very good- and pretty quick considering they've had to come across the water and appear to have gone via Germany for reasons unknown!



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