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Introducing Weenie Wear!

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Look out Gucci and Armani -- Weenie Wear is here!  Be the first on your block to declare yourself a Weenie with this Hot, but Cool line of Haute Couture by our own fashion maven - Weenie Saint Laurent!

Various design combinations are available for the shirts: 1) Weenie Logo 2) a Block of Weenie Quotes with Weenie shadowing the background and 3) a simpler design with the Website Url and "Super Electrcial Webpages" (and lightening bolts) underneath.  Make sure you get the Design Combo you want (look at both the back and front of shirts) - if you don't see the Design Combo you want - send an email to or post a request on the forum and I'll create the shirt you want. (One of the advantages of using is some design choice flexibility - so we might as well take advantage.)

Shirts, Mug and Cap - 2 bucks, for any item, goes to support and Weenie Juke Radio.   

The link to the store is:


Slack--you have been busy, man! ;D   

Good job! Great stuff! Will order my T soon, down here in the guitar room without my VISA!

Remember our motto?:  VENI, VIDI, VISA


I got mine! Picked up a cap and a baseball t-shirt with the black sleeves. Thanks Slack! Bg O0

You're Welcome!

Got mine too! ;)

Moi aussi.

I got the blue sleeves though.



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