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Arcola Records


Hello All,

I'm pleased to announce a fine and unusual addtion to Weenie Juke Radio.  Bob West of Arcola Records has given us permission to play his Arcola Records catalog.  Arcola Records is a small label specializing in blues and jazz artists.  The following CD's are now on the Juke in Post-War rotation:

Bukka White and Furry Lewis - Party! at Home
Henry Townsend - The Real St. Louis
Babe Stovall - The Old Ace
Big Al Calhoun - Harmonica Blues
Sunnyland Slim - Long Tall Daddy with Big Time Sarah

We plan on featuring the CD's over the next month by reviewing each of the CDs and during that time we'll also schedule an "Arcola Hour" which will feature a random selection exclusively from the Arcola catalog.

One CD, (Ray Skjelbred - Plays Blues and Boogie Woogie) which we consider a modern interpretation will be reviewed and be a part of Arcola hour, but will not be in Post War rotation.

More details and track information can be found on the Arcola Records website.


Nice one Slack and cheers to Arcola.


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