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Stats Not Working Since Move???

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Hi Slack,

Has anyone noticed that teh Stats don't seem to be working correctly since the move ??

I have seen 2 new members join today (Oliver and Torquedtightl) but the new members for April remains resolutely at "1". I am sure I have seen others join in April too.

Any ideas what might be wrong ?

Cheers and keep on pluckin'.


Yes. I guessed it would be Steve McB that would spot this also. I had mentioned it to Slack, who has been occupied with a few other tweaks and additions. I was getting ready to raise this again.


Hi Steve and Boots! (and any other type A personalities! --  ;D)

At the risk of telling you more than you want to know - the new member stats on the forum stats page has been broken since we put Mambo in control of the site.... which was around February 20.  It is a technical issue and one that eventually will be resolved because the lead developer of SMF (the forum software) really likes the SMFMambo combination.  So, the work-around for the time being is the "Mambo Users" counter on the right hand column.  That count is currently 323 which represents the number of folks that have signed in since Feb 20 plus any new members.  That module will track new members by Day, Week and Month so you'll have to look there for new members joining.  To get the overall total you'll need to look at total members on the forum stats summary (bottom of board index), which is now at 701. (woot!) I  figured the move to Mambo was worth sacrificing that stat.


If you want to see a list of new members, go to the Member List, select the Date Registered column header and then select the little arrow to reverse the order so the newest member is at top. Looks like April has been a good month. BTW, before reversing the order you can scan down and see who the earlist members are, too.
All for now.
John C.

Great idea JohnC - thanks!


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