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Devils Son Inlaw:
I was listening to "Do it right" by Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie that was on my mp3 player and was really digging it, so I tried to find more information on them and there really isn't much out there.

I'm pretty sure I downloaded it off youtube but I need to start going through all my compilations and see what's in my collection.  Who can tell me anything about these two, where they were from, how much they recorded etc....... Thanks Weenies!!   jake

Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie were Wesley Wilson and guitarist/vocalist Harry McDaniels.  Do It Right was recorded, along with The Gin Done Done It, at a session in New York City on September 5, 1929.

Wilson is perhaps better known as part of a team with his wife Leola B. Wilson (who also recorded under her maiden name, Leola B. Pettigrew).  Wesley was often billed as Kid Wilson or Socks Wilson, and his wife as Coot Grant.

Hi Devils Son InLaw,
If you like Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie there is a thread devoted to their songs and lyrics at , and it has, in addition to "Do It Right", "On Our Turpentine Farm", "In Old Kentucky", "Just One More Time" and "The Gin Done Done It", with videos of the original performances of all of the songs. Enjoy!
All best,


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