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Hi all

I'm looking for suggestions for guitar and fiddle duets. I know of a couple of Frank Stokes tunes, but I don't find them particularly compelling. My wife plays fiddle, but if I'm going to bully her into playing a couple of CB tunes they'll need to be good!

We're in Ireland, and pre-COVID we gigged as a two-piece playing Irish ballads and trad, so with the right couple of songs we should be able to knock them together easily enough!

Rather than list specific artist or songs, I'll point out that Old Hat Records,, has three discs of blues violin by various artists.  The discs are Violin Sing The Blues For Me, Folks He Sure Do Some Bow, and Fiddle Noir.  Check out the track listings, buy the discs or search out the titles online, and see what appeals to you.

Also, don't necessarily think of songs that were originally guitar and fiddle duets.  Some guitar/harmonica stuff sounds like it could be effectively translated to guitar/fiddle.  Blind Boy Fuller's second recording of Mama Let Me Lay It On You, with Sonny Terry on harmonica, falls into this category, as does Sonny Boy Williamson's Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.  (One caveat:  I say this as a non-fiddle player!)

Thanks dj. You make a good point about playing harp lines on fiddle, but I'd say that will be a hard sell for me. Blues is my passion, not hers!

Saying that, I could take a stab transcribing the harp lines and I'm sure she'd give it a go

I will definitely check out Old Hat though

You have Henry Son Sims who played fiddle with both Charlie Patton and Muddy Waters.

Fiddlin' Joe Martin played with Son House.

Anything by the Sheiks has surely got to drum up some level of interest.


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