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Thanks- never seen one of John Hurt playig an electric.

There is a also a really large amount of upside down guitars in the pictures, both Big Joe (or he probably was still called Po Joe at the time ) ,Brownie mc Ghee and Leslie Riddle hold their instruments upside down, probably because of the wishes of the photographers. That would have confused us if those were the only pictures we had !

They appear to be reversed as well, maybe thats why the photographer did it. I am not too familiar with photography techniques in the thirties and forties, would they have used glass negatives at the time ?

A point of clarification.  According to his death certificate and marriage license application (so there should be no valid argument that the death certificate informant just threw out a random date), Carr was born March 27, 1905. 

I don't know where Paul Swinton got that photograph.  Duncan Scheidt saw a photo of Carr in uniform holding his discharge papers, which photo one of Carr's family members had but understandably didn't want to part with.  The soldier does appear to be holding papers, but we can't tell if they are discharge papers.  I had always assumed, without any evidence, that Scheidt had been able to see that they were, in fact, discharge papers.  To judge from Carr's later photos, it doesn't look a lot like him to me, but we all change over time, especially when crossing over from adolescence to adulthood. Also, Scheidt described Carr as looking "obviously proud" in the photo.  Did Scheidt later acquire the family's photo?  Does Carr look proud there (or did Scheidt misinterpret that)?  Is it really Leroy?  I don't know.  Who am I to say?

Just to muddy the waters a bit more, Scheidt was the first to suggest that "Carried Water For the Elephant" was autobiographical  Maybe it was, but composer credit for the song goes to Thompson and Guernsey, who also hold the copyright.  It seems to me that the song is along the same lines as some of the other Carr tunes for which they have composer credit.  If they did pen the song, maybe they got the idea for the song from Leroy?


--- Quote ---composer credit for the song goes to Thompson and Guernsey, who also hold the copyright
--- End quote ---

Hey, MTJ3, Where'd you find the composer/copyright info for Carried Water For The Elephant.  I can't find that.  Bob MacLeod's list shows no author given on the record label.  Also, do you know of any other songs that Thompson and Guernsey hold copyright for, especially non-blues songs?  Or have any idea who Thompson and Guernsey were?  Professional songwriters?  Performers?  The people who did the paperwork for Carr's session?


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