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Blues Vintage:
I came across this facebook page with some rare blues photos.

Why I Love National Guitars

Below allegedly a young Leroy Carr, Brownie McGhee and Leslie Riddle, Big Joe Williams, Elmore James And Sonny Boy Williamson 2, Kokomo Arnold, and John Hurt (without hat !)

Thanks, Harry.  I'd never seen that Leroy Carr photo before and had no idea he'd been in the army.  But a quick search of online biographies confirms it, including this from the Tennessee Encyclopedia:

"As a child, Carr left Nashville for Indianapolis to live with his mother, a period punctuated by stints in a traveling circus, the U.S. Army, and jail."

So perhaps Carried Water For The Elephant is autobiographical!

Theres an article in Frog Annual about Carr that has that photo and info on his early years.

Blues Vintage:
Probably a scan from the Frog Annual (or another source) below. Leroy Carr was born in 1904. That would make him 15/16 years old in the photo.
Little young for the army I would think if the birth date is correct. But then again I noticed Stefan Wirz and Wikipedia have different birth dates for our heroes.

For example;

Blind Willie McTell         Wirz 1903  Wiki 1905
Charley Patton             Wirz 1885  Wiki 1891
Sam Chatmon              Wirz 1900  Wiki 1897
Kokomo Arnold             Wirz 1896  Wiki 1901


--- Quote ---Theres an article in Frog Annual about Carr that has that photo and info on his early years.
--- End quote ---

Dang!  You're right, there it is on page 75 of Annual number 5.

It just goes to show the wisdom of changing my stock phrase when encountering something "new" from "I never knew that" to, in my late 60s "I probably knew that once, but I forgot it".


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