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I've been enjoying Richard's and Mendip Slims' Mixcloud programs--thanks to both for the time and effort! 

I want to plug this show, produced by someone who has attended at least 10 Port Townsend workshops and who plays both mando and guitar, not at the same time.

Part of the deal at this station is that a large chunk of programming must originate from Canada. Lucky for us, Canada has a lot of excellent practitioners of acoustic blues, and the host is familiar with them at all levels of obscurity.

Thursdays at 4 pm, Victoria, British Columbia time.

It's non-com radio with a small budget, so it can only archive each show for one week before replacing it with a new one.



Thanks for alerting me to this program by my fellow Canuck and Vancouver Islander, Gavin Hodgins. I will definitely be following his show.


Thanks, Lindy. I just listened to the archived show. Gavin put together a nice mix of the good stuff, IMHO.

Very cool. Tons of good stuff but especially good to hear Del and Suzy at the end. Will keep checking it out, eh!


I just want to give a quick new plug for this program because this is CFUV's fund drive week.

The way things are in Canada and the US, we rely on non-commercial stations to help keep obscure kinds of music like country blues alive and reaching the uninitiated.

The program is still 4 pm Thursday afternoons, British Columbia time zone. Each show is available for 1 full week after its initial airing.

Thanks for any contributions you can make!



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