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Charles / Charlie / C. Blake information?


Hello all,

I had been looking into information about Blind Blake's "That Will Never Happen No More" (Paramount 12497) and the following sources both state that it was written by a Charlie Blake.

I also noticed quite a few of his works in the following link were also written by Charles / Charlie / C. Blake.

I tried to do some research into who this was but was coming up empty-handed and was wondering if anybody here knew anything?

I don't believe this was a pseudonym since he released the works under his usual "Blind" Blake (and I cannot finding anything implying it was a pseudonym). It may have been a relative, but there isn't much known about his family so I didn't find anything along that path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Much thanks,

An interesting question, particularly when you consider that Blind (Arthur) Blake also recorded a song -- one of his very last -- called "Champagne Charlie Is My Name" on Paramount 13137.


--- Quote --- ...the following sources both state that it was written by a Charlie Blake.
--- End quote ---

I wonder where that information came from.  LOC?  ASCAP?  Paramount files, if such exist?

Bob MacLeod, via Max Vreede, had the composer as simply Blake, and online scans of the Paramount label confirm this.  So the info from your 3 sources is something other than the record label. 

Thank you for the information! It appears that cited 78discography as their source, so I have sent an email to them asking if they could share their source for that information. I suspect that you're correct though, and Blind Blake wrote the pieces himself. I'll let you know if there is any update though. Thank you again!

"Champagne Charlie Is My Name" is of no relevance in any Arthur/Charlie discussion. The song is Blake's version of a music hall/vaudeville song that dates back to the 1860s.


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