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Bill Roggensack:
I've been listening (after about 2 years on the shelf) to an album titled 'Hillbilly blues' released by ASV Ltd. (London UK) in their Living Era series:  (follow the link to Living Era)

It's a good compilation of 'white country blues', and some of the tunes have caught my ear. The first is Bill Carlisle's spirited performance of "Bell Clappin' Mama" (note: lyrics may offend modern sensibilities!) and the second is "Times Ain't Like They Used to Be" by Clarence 'Tom' Ashley and Gwen Foster. Also of interest is Dick Justice's tribute to BLJ (by borrowing lyrics?) titled "Brown Skin Blues" - it's historically interesting in that the song features a white player making reference to the Afro-American skin color grading system that included such terms as 'high yellow'.

Tony Russell (Pre-War Blues listmember?) did the brief liner notes and provided  the recording information.

Hi Bill,
The Hillbilly blues anthology sounds excellent.  I'm a big fan of Dick Justice, who seems like he must have met up with Luke Jordan at some point.  A couple of the guitar solos on "Brown Skin Blues" seem lifted, more or less intact, from "Churchbell Blues", and his version of "Cocaine Blues" is essentially identical to Luke Jordan's version, as well.  His (Dick Justice's) complete titles have been re-issued on Document DOCD-8004, "Old time Music From West Virginia".  He only had ten titles, on four of which he is backing a fiddler.  It's a shame he was so under-recorded.
All best,

Hi all,
One of my favorite hillbilly blues recordings is Clarence Green's "Johnson City Blues", a terrific piece he played out of A in standard tuning with great (and funny) lyrics.  Green was more often recorded as a fiddler, notably with Byrd Moore and His Hot Shots.  It occurred to me this morning that while I have been listening to "Johnson City Blues" for over thirty years, I have never heard another song by Clarence Green on which he plays guitar.  My questions are for anyone who knows or has access to the information in the Tony Russell tome on Early Country Music:  Did Clarence Green record any more songs on which he accompanied himself on solo guitar?  What was on the B side of "Johnson City Blues"?
All best,

Hi everyone

the flip for for Johnson city Blues is Nighty-Nine Years in Jail released on columbia 15461,he recorded with solo guitar for Victor in 28 Good-night Darling and Little Bunch of Roses,also did a session in 27 with Will Abernathy doing a fine version of On The Banks Of the Ohio

Hi Nawahi,
Thanks very much for this information.  Do you know if the other tracks you named by Clarence Green are available on any currently available re-issue CD?  Thanks.
All best,


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