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David Kaatz:
That is lovely John, thanks.
I just watched a recent performance by Regina Carter with Emmett Cohen and his band. I cued the link up at a highlight. I've heard Regina before, but I don't remember her tone being so beautiful. This is an Ellington piece, Come Sunday.
If you are into jazz, I highly recommend checking out Emmett's YT channel - he does a performance with a guest I think every week, and there is plenty to check out from past weeks. Wonderful singers, horn men and women, etc.
I've been watching him off and on since this spring I think.

Hi all,
Here is Woody Herman's band doing Horace Silver's tune "Sister Sadie", featuring Sal Nistico on tenor sax. God, it would be fun to be able to play like that, and his time is killer, swings so hard.
All best,

The technical virtuosity and musicality of jazz players like that are amazing. Wow.

The "Thundering Herd," indeed!

Hi all,
Here is Jennifer Warnes singing "Song of Bernadette", a song she co-wrote with Leonard Cohen, from a Smothers Brothers show in 1987, I believe.
All best,


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