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It has been a long time since I posted to this site. I am kind of getting back into being an enthusiest. I love what this site has become.

I got? 4 DVDs for Christmas: Stephan's open tunings, finger style Grateful Dead, Bo Carter and Lemon by Ari.

There is a classic Skip tune on the first I want to learn, there are several ideas that are worthy of exploration found in the second,
The resurrection of Bo's G tuning in my own playing is a cool aspect of John's for me, and I am looking forward to learning several of Bo's cute country blues tunes.

The main reason I am writing: Ari's Lemon playing. One phrase comes to mind:" Holy fu----- sh--!!!!"

The melodic, rhythmic complexity! The compelling authenticity! The endearing zest of that yellow fruit all over the screen!
He really nails this stuff, and as I guess many of you know, his facility is quite impressive. His photo with an old guitar is disarmingly suggestive of all us whitebread wannabes. "Yeah, yeah, lets see what you can do cuz I got some things to do....huh?....what the....? Mother of God this is the soul of country blues laid bare."

I don't know if I should quit my job and begin practicing 40 hours a week or if I should leave my guitar on the sidewalk with a free sign and spend the rest of my days consoling myself with spam sandwiches.

I am open to suggestions.

Hi Brian, welcome back!? Glad you are getting back to your guitar.? You still playing harp?

I assume you've read Uncle Bud's excellent review or Ari's latest CD??

And if you have not already -- gotten Ari's latest CD - great stuff.


Hey Slack

Looking at the job you've done on this website I don't know where you get off being Slack.
"Kick Ass" maybe?

Yes I read Uncle Bud's write up today. I knew what he is talkin about.

I fool around with the harp when there are too many guitars, but it seems that in my life there are not enough guitars!

I love the Juke!


Looking at the job you've done on this website I don't know where you get off being Slack.
"Kick Ass" maybe?

Yeah, don't let the name fool you -- our goal is world domination -- Weenies RooLz!  :P

I love the Juke!

I do too (when it is not ruling me), it has a life of it's own -- I'm envious of the folks that can listen to it at work!

Thanks for the kind words Brian -- this may be obvious, but lots of very nice and knowledgeable folks contribute to the site and/or the Juke - in a variety of ways and it just keeps getting better as a result - so the credit really goes around All Y'awl!

Cheers!  (and try to make it to PT)


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