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Hello All,

One of the great things about Country Blues is its universal appeal.  It has been fun to watch the Juke's Server Status screen and amazing to see the many different countries that listen to Weenie Juke Radio.  Forum participants come from an equally broad number of countries from around the world.  Even though the forum and the music is in English - Weenie Campbell and Country Blues are truly international.

Various members have expressed a desire for other members to make known their City and Country of origin. See this thread:

To encourage this, I thought it would be fun to install a forum modification, similar to the listing on Weenie Juke Radio, called "Member Map'.  This allows a member to place a pin on a World Map of their location.  A City name can optionally be filled in also. Once the pin is placed, a small country of origin flag will show below their member name in posts.  The flag will also show next to a member name (or guest) in the Who's Online listing (if you do not like the flag, you can always hide your online status).  The map can get a little confusing, so here are some tips:

Click the "Map" button on the Forum's main menu.
Click the 'Place you pin' link
Select the Map from the drop down lisitng
Place the cross-hatch on your location and click to place your pin
(optionally fill in City and Country)
Click the 'Save Pin' link

Now view the 'World' or other countries and if you click on the member name - their Pin will blink.  8)


The UK dominates for a short while. 2 pins. Well done Scratchy well quick off the mark.


Nice to the first Afgani member,  Slack.  O0

Mr. TestUser gets around.  :P


You've been conned Slack, this 'ere map does not have Channel Islands on it  >:D


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