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Avatars and Signatures.

Part of the fun of a Web-based forum (as opposed to an email forum or list) is the use of graphics.  You don't have to know HTML (the language of the web) to spuce up forum posts, but you do have to know a few of the codes built into the forum (known as BBC codes).  I'll give an example below.  The following options are in:  View/Edit Profile>Forum Profile Information


These are simply personalized pictures that are used to give a viusal identification of who is posting a message.  On, many of us relate these pictures to Country Blues or music in some way - which seems like a better idea than posting your real mug for the world to see.  The forum has a few 'built-in' Avatars to use based on the great R. Crumb drawings. You are welcome to use one or make your own and upload it to the forum.  The general guideline is to re-size your picture so that it does not exceed 100 by 100 pixels. There is also a place for "Personal Text".  A previous version of the forum software filled this in with "I'm a Lllama!" by default (reflecting a certain sense of humor by the developers), the default is now "Howdy!". So, if you are not a Llama, you might want to at least change this.  ;)  If you need help with an Avatar, post a message in "Jam Session".


This is an area underneath each message which you can use as a "signature" or a better use for some might be to place a small banner that is linked to their website.  Some of you have done some really fabulous websites --  promoting yourselves, or a business or just a love of Country Blues.  We may have your site listed in our "Links" board, but you can do a little promoting on your own and the "signature" area is just the place.  We just ask that you keep your "signature" a "tasteful" size.  I'll use's banner as an example.  If you'd like to give it a try - cut and paste the following code into your 'signature' box, and you too can display (and hotlink) the WeenieCampbell banner on every message you've posted.

--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]

--- End code ---

Questions or problems? Just ask for help.


Thanks for this post!
Following your instruction I was able to add an avatar & a Venerable Music banner as a signature.

I also added a link to this forum on the Venerable Music links page -

Thanks Again,

It looks terrific Malcolm! 

And thanks for linking to us!



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