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Hi All,

Just posting that Kenny Brown, the Mississippi North Hill Bluesman as part of a Patreon learning project  he started, posted three that he learned from Joe Callicott. He studied and learned from Joe Callicott. I seem to remember him telling an audience that Callicott was his first teacher.  The project is listed below if anyone is interested...


Kenny was at Port Townsend a couple of years ago, nice guy, fun to talk with and a good teacher.  He spoke of Joe Callicott as a neighbor, friend and mentor.  It was pretty clear that Joe was a big influence on him personally and musically.  Kenny and his wife ran a small blues festival near his home, which if memory serves is around Holly Springs. I'm not sure if that's still going on.

Hi Eric, I would have liked to hear him talk about that - but he has elsewhere in clips I found on youtube.

Yes, I checked and I think that he and his wife host the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic which is going on this June. He and his wife Sarah were co-founders it says online.


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