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I know what you mean, Thomas.  He appears to have been able to play anything he could think of, in the moment, and he wasn't short on ideas, either.  Whew!  If you like his playing, he accompanied Texas Alexander on a couple of songs as well.  If you look in Weeniepedia, under Musicianship, then under Piano, then under Piano Accompanists, you'll find all of the songs so far that have been transcribed that Eddie Heywood played on.
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Going way back, I’ve been listening to some Sloppy Henry and I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that Willie McTell used two of Henry’s songs as the basis for his own performances of Bell Street (Canned Heat Blues) and the duet with Ruby Glaze - Lonesome Day (Some Sweet Rainy Day)

Hi Phil,
I think you make a good point, and I suspect it was not a coincidence. Sloppy Henry was from Atlanta and his recordings pre-dated McTell's by a couple of years. There's a quote from McTell on the quote generator where he talks about getting songs from other musicians and working them up his own way, and I suspect that is what he did in the two instances you cite. Of course, he may have gotten the tunes from Sloppy Henry in person, too, rather than from the records--there's no way of saying.
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Just to amplify what Johnm said...

According to Bruce Bastin, there's no record of Waymon "Sloppy" Henry actually residing in Atlanta, though more information on that may have come to light in the intervening years.  But he would have been in the city regularly as part of the TOBA circuit, and he did all his recording there, so he and McTell would have had ample opportunity to cross paths.


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