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I agree with you, Johnm, except that he doesn't really pronounce the 'th' sound, launching into the 'at' sound from the 'n' of 'doggone'. I would write it: "I'm so doggone 'at evil". Also I don't think 'doggone' is an aside, but a qualifier of 'at evil' and doesn't need to be set off with commas. But that's just parsing. I guess I like to keep lyrics as uncluttered with punctuation marks as possible, unless really necessary for meaning or meter.


I don't know.  I don't hear "doggone" at all.  Sounds to me more like "I'm so darned bad evil", though the "b" in "bad" gets swallowed.  I suppose "I'm so darned and evil" fits the sound better, though it doesn't make as much sense.

David Kaatz:
It does sound like it could be doggone, but you could replace it or argue that he's singing "I'm so stuck on that evil"


I like your last suggestion the best of any so far, Dave. It eliminates all of the awkwardness of the various suggestions up to this point. Good hearing!
All best,

Blues Vintage:
Could it be "I'm so dogged on that evil" ?

Robert Peeples was probably Wesley Wallace according to Document Records.
It seems weird that Wesley Wallace (who was a piano player) would be accompanied by another piano player.
To make it more confusing is also has been suggested that Wesley Wallace and Sylvester Palmer were the same person.
As explained here by dj,

Wesley Wallace/Sylvester Palmer Lyrics


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