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"Ow Can't Stand It"???

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Has anyone here ever heard of an old blues or maybe jug band song called "Ow Can't Stand It"? It might really be "I Can't Stand It" but sounds like "ow".  Trying to track it down for a friend.

Looking forward to seeing some of you folks up in Port Townsend,
Suzy Thompson

Hi Suzy,
That track is by Will Shade, and it is on the old Folkways set, "The Rural Blues", that Samuel Charters put together.  I remember listening to it as a kid and thinking, "Why is he saying "Ow can't stand it."?"  It's a great tune
    Whatcha gonna do when your troubles get like mine
    Take a mouthful of sugar and drink a bottle of turpentine
    Ow can't stand it
I'm pretty sure it is on the Juke, under the name "I Can't Stand It", since I sent that set to John D. and he put it on the Juke.
All best,

I'm not sure which version is on the Juke (haven't quite figured out how to hear it) but I believe that what I am looking for is from a Document LP which is of a private party at which Gus Cannon and Will Shade (and others I think) entertained.  Apparently it is extremely funky!  Unclear to me whether that's the same cut that's on the Rural Blues album. 

Anyone out there have that Document vinyl?  I would be VERY interested in hearing it, especially that one cut.
Thanks, Suzy


Here's the Folkways link for "The Rural Blues:"

It's only available from them as a custom CD. I have the vinyl and a tape of it, but they're both back in WA, so that's no help. Anyone have a copy at hand??



Here's a link to the AMG Will Shade page:

Click on "Memphis Jug Band" and follow your instincts--they'll lead you to the Document CD and the JSP set that have "I Can't Stand It" (and others as well).

Hope this helps,



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