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Pic of old Bluesman?


Here's an interesting thread discussing a tintype photo for sale on eBay of an African-American guitarist:

Here's a cleaned-up version of the pic:

What do folks think? Might this be someone we've heard of?


P.S. The seller is offering some other amazing photos as well:

Note that the auction item actually shows a left-handed guitarist -- important if you are trying to identify the artist!

No - read through the IGS forum and the eBay posting - the original image is a tintype, and tintypes are always reverse images.  So, assuming that he was holding the guitar as he would play it, then the tintype appearance of a left handed guitarist means he is really right-handed.  What John posted was reversed on photoshop so that he appeared correctly.

That is all assuming it really IS a tintype!



That's right. I should have clarified. The seller seems knowledgable enough that I assume he's correct about it being a tintype.

Odds are it's no one we've ever heard of, but it's an interesting picture all the same.

very interesting subject here. i actually like the picture of the guy with guitar standing next to the peanut man better. what kind of guitar is he playin'? looks like its painted black.


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