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Hi all,
I'm offering a book sale on the following books I've written in recent years:
   * John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection
   * The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt--The Rediscovery Years
   * East Coast Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Texas Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar
   * Mississippi Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * The Guitar of Blind Lemon Jefferson
   * Hillbilly Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Christmas Carols and Holiday Standards for Fingerstyle Guitar

All of these books, with the exception of the Christmas one, list for $24.95, with the Christmas book listing for $19.95. For U.S. residents, I'll offer a signed copy of the first book ordered for $26.00, postpaid, with any additional signed copies of books sold for $23.00, with no cost for postage. A signed copy of the Christmas book can be purchased as an add-on with any other book for $17.00. If you'd like to find out what songs are taught in any of the books or inquire as to how to place an order, send me a personal message via this site. Thanks for your time.
All best,


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