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High Praise for WeenieCampbell

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High Praise for WeenieCampbell

Many thanks to Robert Cremer and Bob McLain for mentioning WeenieCampbell in their recent release entitled Secret Language of the Blues: What the Lyrics Really Mean. And to the members, musicians and enthusiasts who have contributed to the site over the last 25 years!

-- This is a website so diverse in its information on the blues that it virtually defies description. This site offers a close to inexhaustible source of information on classic country blues, including - but not limited to - enthralling discussions of blues lyrics and their cultural origins. The basic resources of the website include an encyclopedic archive of blues lyrics in Weeniepedia and a chat room called Other Musical Interests for discussions and exchanges of information on other forms of the blues, including Rhythm and Blues, Jump blues and Gospel. The link Country Blues Lyrics offers a remarkable array of country blues lyrics which are cross-referenced to threads in the chat forums. It should be noted that detailed discussions of blues lyrics in forums provide very reliable information about blues lyrics that have been incorrectly transcribed on other websites. To round out a bewildering array of sources of information is a helpful search function that puts the user in the appropriate section of the website for the desired information. This website is unrivaled in the scope and quality of information offered to blues fans of all persuasions.

Blues Vintage:
I'm proud of this.

So am I, I had a great day after reading that. 35 years is half my lifetime! Er wait a minute, my nursing staff are telling me it was 25 years, not 35. I feel younger already.

I see we're getting a lot of guest users on the site lately. Maybe it's a result of Robert Cremer's book.

In any case, you are most welcome, and please feel free to sign up, log in and participate in the forums.

Prof Scratchy:
Very well deserved praise!


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