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Instructional dvds/books (SGGW, Homespun, etc.) CHEAP


Hi, I'm planning a move overseas next year and I need to purge 50 years in the USA. (any weenies in Italy?) I'd prefer to keep shipping in the USA to avoid the pita of international shipping. All are in great condition, no scratches on discs or writing in the books. * means it has the little TAB booklet. Prices are without shipping, I'll ship however you want via USPS. PM me and I'll give you a paypal address. Thanks, Marc

I'd like to sell the lot all together, so let's say all of this for $100 plus shipping. That's less than $6 each!

1. Masters of Bottleneck Blues Guitar by Tom Feldmann (2 DVD)
2. Classic Ragtime Guitar by David Laibman *
3. Medieval & Renaissance Music by John Renbourn *
4. Jackson Blues Guitar by John Miller
5. Blues Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis (2 DVD) by Ernie Hawkins *
6. Delta Blues Guitar from Dockery Plantation by Tom Feldmann
7. Guitar of Son House by Tom Feldmann
8. Guitar of Furry Lewis by John Miller *
9. Fingerpicking Blues of Miss. John Hurt by Traum and Sebastian *
10. Bob Brozman in Concert
11. Bottleneck Gospel Guitar by Tom Feldmann
12. Fred Sololow's Complete Beginners Ukulele Guide

book/cd sets

1. John Miller's Country Blues Collection book w/CD
2. Hawaiian Steel Guitar by Stacy Phillips (book)
3. Chuck Berry Hal Leonard Recorded Versions (book)
4. Rockabilly Guitar by Fred Sokolow book w/CD
5. Berklee Modern Method for Guitar by W. Leavitt (book)


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