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I unfortunately need to sell this fantastic guitar in order to help pay some medical bills.

It has some honest wear including a few small impressions and the normal barely visible surface scratches. I noticed a very small imprint on the neck. I circled the imprint in white in one of the photos. The frets have very little wear. The guitar has never left my humidity controlled, smoke free home (I did take it outside to take photos though!).

The guitar sports a great sounding LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup!

I will include all of the paperwork that originally came with the guitar, stickers, picks, DVD, case key, case humidifier and case shoulder strap.

The case does have a name painted on it. The three times that gear was stolen from gigs that I played on, my guitars were always left behind. I attribute this to having a name painted on the cases. Since I was planing on gigging with this instrument, I had a name painted on the case. The name might be able to be removed. Or, it could easily be painted over.

Smaller in body but mammoth in tone, the 00 is based on a true classic of acoustic guitars the L-00. Styled after Gibson's legendary pre-war flat-top the L-00, and long been favored by players of all styles, the L-00 is an icon for good reason. Often favored by blues players, fingerstyle pickers and folk artists, these guitars are noted for their easy playability due to their body size and decisively full sound. Huss and Dalton strove to bring the same style, tone and quality to a smaller-bodied flat-top that was ideally suited to the performance needs of players today. The 14-fret 00 produces a surprising amount of volume out of a small body guitar. Very clear and balanced in tone, it's braced for light gauge strings, and designed with the finger style player in mind. The 00 pairs Sitka Spruce and Mahogany and features vintage inspired cream bindings and a Rosewood vintage style straight bridge. This is a classic combination that is highly versatile for many playing styles - chords runs are crisp and defined, yet there is a surprising amount of bass for the guitar's size. Sitka can be played fingerstyle or with a flatpick and can excel at both. It is ideal for players who don't require the stiffness of Adirondack, offering more volume and responsiveness from a lighter touch. When combined with mahogany on the back and sides, Sitka is very lush and has a warm, rich low end that is ideal in front of a microphone, and records perfectly! For those players that are looking to re-create a pre-war sound, with modern upgrades, and that is not in danger of needing a neck reset, bridge re-glue, crack repair, etc., your ship has come in. Plus, you won't need to sell your soul to afford this blues machine!

*This guitar is also for sale locally.


Just lowered the price. I don't think you'd be able to find a better deal anywhere.



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