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"The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt--The Rediscovery Years": buy signed copies


Hi all,
I have some copies of my new book, "The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt--The Rediscovery Years", which I am offering for sale to U. S. residents, signed by me, for $30.00 postpaid.  The book contains transcriptions of 24 of John Hurt's recorded performances that he made from 1963--1966, and has in addition to the transcriptions, lyrics to all of the songs, playing tips describing the best fingerings to use for each song, lots of terrific photos of John Hurt and a discussion of his playing style.  The book sells for $24.95, and would be sent to you in a padded envelope via U.S. Media Mail.
To place an order for a signed copy of the book, go to my website, , in the Teaching section, and you'll find instructions on how to make a deposit to my paypal account.  I will post here if and when my supply runs out.  Thanks for your time.
All best,


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