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Fraulini Angelina 12 string - pin bridge or tailpiece?

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Hey guys!  Thanks for your input!  This is all great info for helping me make my decision - and it is a very nice decision to have to make!  As for the specs on the guitar, I am going pretty standard.  Spruce top, Mahogany back/sides, the standard tuners (StewMac "Golden Age"), varnish finish.  About the only thing left is the pin bridge vs tailpiece thing.  Like you guys said, I figure I can't go wrong either way.  I will keep you posted...

I really appreciate the opinions - Thanks again! 

Hey Pete,

Todd would be probably the best person to describe the sound differences between his pinned and tailpiece 12's, see how he describes the difference and let us know. If you choose the pin bridge I would go with the 6 pin. Keeps the bridge a little smaller and lighter, which translates to it taking less string energy to get the top moving. Also to me it just de-clutters the top a bit.

I've built a long-scale pinned 12 and it turned out good, but I'm ready to build a tailpiece model for myself next so I have a better idea of the difference.

And hey, you're gonna be happy either way you go!


Get the tail piece model for the simple reason you can do the little 'twings' on the strings behind the bridge ala McTell and others noted by waxwing ..very satisfying!  Tom

I have been corresponding with Todd - he says he thinks he prefers pin bridge for the Angelina model and tailpiece for the Francesca.  As far as sound, Todd didn't indicate much of a difference, but I tend to agree with Neil ("the pin bridge seem to be a little more responsive to a lighter attack").  However, Blueshome makes some good points regarding the tailpiece - "I like the sound, slightly less bright, and I think playability is better as there is a little less tension as there is more string to stretch, as a bonus the tailpiece looks great."  Wax gives a great synopsis of how string tension reacts with each option and how that could influence the sound and adds ann excellent additional question - if a pin bridge, 6 or 12? 

I do like the idea of being able to do the little "twings" on the strings behind the bridge!!!  That always adds a smile to any tune! 

Lots to consider...  And again, "Thanks" to everyone!  Your comments and opinions really offer a wealth of info to help me decide.


Hi there !

If I may be so bold as to bring back up this thread, now there must be plenty more people out there with Fraulini 12-string guitars, what do you prefer (or would you do the opposite, if ordering again), a fixed bridge, or taipiece ???

Mahogany, birch or white oak for the back & sides ?


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