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I built a guitar...

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Norfolk Slim:
I started a foolhardy journey into the world of luthiery last January, having dabbled a little with tatty cigar boxes a couple of times previously. 

Yesterday I finally finished the thing.  I will probably still finesse the action somewhat- the saddle can probably be a bit lower.  However,  to my great pleasure (and some surprise), not only did it all hold together when I strung it up, but I think it sounds pretty good too.  It has a big powerful bass response that I wasn't really expecting to pull off on a first build.

Its all mahogany, with ebony fingerboard and bridge.  X braced, and based on plans in Jonathan Kinkade's excellent book on guitar making.  Kinkade happens to be fairly local to me and a friend of mine knows him and owns a couple of his guitars but I;ve not met him myself.  The neck is like a baseball bat.  My act of rebellion against the avalanche of horrible skinny necked things which fill the guitar shops :-)

Anyway- here it is... Some pictures, and a short video with various bits of noodling.

Very cool Simon -- sounds good looks good!  It's like Christmas morning to finish a guitar... congratulations!

Prof Scratchy:
It fair rings out! Looks good too!

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It looks and sounds good, and you sound good on it, Simon.  Congratulations!
All best,

Great result Your Honour!


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