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Author Topic: Dakota Dave Hull ? Classic American Ragtime Guitar ? Kickstarter Project  (Read 602 times)

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Offline Bald Melon Jefferson

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Hey all,
One of my favorite contemporary players is trying to rustle-up funding to put together a little instructional CD and TAB package. Thought some of you might be interested in participating. Also thought some of you talented folks might be interested in the Kickstarter program itself for your own use.  You present a project. Folks can then invest as much or as little as they wish. The contributors are only committed to pay iff the funding goal is met. If a project's funding goals are not met by a set date no one is on the hook, no harm no foul. (Save for the usual shattered dreams and whithered visions...)
Anyways... here's Dave's thing...

Thanks, Gary
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Offline Rivers

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Excellent, I think Dakota Dave is really good value. I've occasionally thought (buzzword alert) 'crowdsourcing' was made for our type of space. Dave could turn out to be a really good guinea pig. $3K and counting is not too shabby.

Offline Bald Melon Jefferson

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 He's halfway ther with 12 days to go...but...

If you were considering backing Dakota Dave Hull with his new project, please do so today, someone by the name of Anonymous is MATCHING all pledges made today till midnight eastern standard.. how cool  is that?
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Offline Stuart

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Dave's project is definitely a worthy cause. I look at it as a "pre-order" that allows him to get the thing done without the headache and uncertainty of going in the hole for the entire cost. Let's hope that he meets his goal and that the project is a success.

Here's a link to Dave's weekly show which is always a hoot:


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