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Julius Lester came in with a music caravan. Bob Dylan was there, Pete Seeger, Theodore Bikel. But what they forgot about was that for about 100 miles around, [they] had some of the best traditional music ever. And we didn't have the consciousness then to pull that together, you know, to pull in those living legends of blues men and women who were right there - Worth Long, organizer for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, talking about a movement festival in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1960s

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Author Topic: Spider John Koerner and Pat Conte with Joe Bellulovich at Jalopy, May 29 9pm  (Read 1342 times)

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Probably coming too late, but here it is, anyway. At Jalopy in Brooklyn, tonight.

About Pat Conte and Joe Bellulovich

Pat Conte and Joe Bellulovich will open for Spider John Koerner. Pat, a musicologist and radio personality from Secret Museum of the air, his lovely deep voice and fabulous guitar playing bring to life the blues and pre-blues that he loves.  He will be joined by Joe, playing harmonica and guitar. Joe was a member of The Empire State Gandy Dancers, playing with Conte and the late Bob Guida.

About Spider John Koerner

In the late 50s, SPIDER JOHN KOERNER borrowed guitar and a Burl Ives song book, and began a journey which helped shape the course of American country blues and folk music. Jalopy is honored to host Spider John's rare NYC appearance.

"This hoary Minneapolis singer-guitarist, who purportedly influenced everyone from Bob Dylan to Bonnie Raitt, skipped stardom on his way to becoming a hero. Returning with a rootsy album of traditional folk and wry originals, Koerner shows that 4 decades of obscurity haven?t diminished his talent for making engaging music out of wholly familiar elements" -Tom Sinclair, Entertainment Weekly.

For over 40 years, John Koerner has explored the ranges of traditional American song, as a solo artist and with a variety of partners. In a salute to the traditional roots of Bob Dylan, John Koerner and Dave Ray contributed the track Delia to the Redhouse tribute recording A Nod to Bob released in April 2001 for Dylan's 60th birthday.

"He has a real unique style of guitar playing & a great talking blues style of delivery. As all great originators, like Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan, anybody else who tries to imitate them would just look like that, an imitator. I do "I Ain?t Blue" in my shows and recorded it on my first album. It?s one of my favorite songs of John?s, but his other songs I love to play just for my own enjoyment; but I can never come close to playing them as well as he does." Bonnie Raitt

John Koerner is a frequent guest on Garrison Keillor?s Prairie Home Companion, most recently appearing on the 2/1/03 Joke Show Special, performing with a Minneapolis friend as "Outdoor John and the Sears Catalog," and again on 6/7/03 "Live from the Greek Theater" in Los Angeles. He has also been guest artist on National Public Radio?s Morning Edition and Weekend Edition.

Offline frankie

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Noticed too late that this got plunked in the wrong forum...  sorry!

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No Problema, Frank. Zzzzzip, here you are.

Man, wish I was back in Brooklyn tonight.

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."
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